frank-jasper-cortex-2013The Way Back

The Cortex is Frank van der Kooij’s band that was founded in the beginning of the year 2000. Around 2010 the group expanded and Kim Weemhof on drums and Jasper de Beer on bass joined the band.

By adding Jasper and Kim to the band they now managed to reproduce the sound of the 90s. Synonymous with the sound Frank produced when he played with Hugh Hopper back in the 90s. Now with Johan Hendriks on keys the band is complete and is ready for new recordings and concerts.

The Cortex goes back to the sound of 90s  when much emphasis was placed on and sound. With The CORTEX the sound of the 90s returns but with a twist: it rubs shoulders with minimal, harmonic music and has a strong impact .

Line up:

Frank van der Kooij – T and S sax
Kim Weemhof – Drums
Jasper de Beer – Bass
Johan Hendriks – Keys

The Cortex can be booked from next spring ( 2019)











Recording live in Breda, Bloos 2013 :