Saxtrio. Inspired by classical music and folk themes. A trio that swops easily between a minimal music way of creating a rhythm pattern and strong melodies.

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Improvisation quartet. Composition and idea by Frank van der Kooij. This bands sounds like the Hugh Hopper Band in which Frank van der Kooij played for many years.

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Jazz and sounds. Two powerful playing saxes, creative high energy support of the drums with striking sounds and deep harmonies of the keys in open and progressive compositions.

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The New NDIO Orchestra

Minimal music and improvisations. With this orchestra Frank van der Kooij combines classical and minimal music with rock and jazz.

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Trio SLK

Trio Stadhouders, Lijbaart en van der Kooij are inspired by the soundtracks of famous films like Blood Diamond Bram and Frank found each other in mixing these themes with there lyricall improvised music.

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Jazz by the composer

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