Frank van der Kooij saxophonist since 1971 has played in many jazz formations. In 1985 he met the English bassist Hugh Hopper with whom he toured and worked until 2009. After the death of Hugh Frank wrote a number of classic works for the city of Breda but now focuses again entirely on jazz and improvised music.
With his compositions Frank van der Kooij shows his interest in composing in a versatile musical style rather than playing the traditions. Frank is mainly looking for a connection between classical music and improvised music which is reflected in its cooperation with the German pianist Franz von Chossy. But he also feels free with the improvised jazz which can be heard in the bands like The Cortex and the trio Stadhouders Lijbaart and van der Kooij.Frank van der Kooij contributed to the creation of the following CD productions: Hooligans (USA), Carousell (USA), AirBack (USA), Carving up, Time (GB), Four by Four (CAN), Horizon (NL)