NDIO band

Drums – Kim Weemhoff
Bass – Jasper de Beer
Trombone – Robert Jarvis
Sax – Frank van der Kooij
Guitar – Niels Brouwer
Piano – Rembrandt Frerichs

Back in the year 2000 I, together with Hugh Hopper and Robert Jarvis, decided to create a new band. This idea came about while we were having a beer at the bar of the “Hijgend Hert” in Breda, which was then the place where we were regularly performing. 
From the start, Hugh had set the goal to create a name for the band under which everyone would have an equal position. Therefore, we called it NDIO (Never Dance in Orange). We kicked off by working on an entirely new repertoire that was largely composed by me. 
One of the most controversial concerts of NDIO was in back 2003, and was held at the Opmaat festival in Breda. Later to be followed by a smaller line-up at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. We made fantastic recordings from both of these concerts, but unfortunately, the first one has not been released thus far. 
We will relaunch NDIO during the Sound of Europe festival which will be held on October the 14, 2021 in Breda. At the same time we will release a double LP with around 200 copies. From January 1st you can purchase this LP by placing a pre-order via an email to Boombaday Records

This double LP with a live recording of the band in 2003 will be released on vinyl (200 pieces only ) on Boombaday Records.

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