frank-jasper-cortex-2013Improvisation quartet. Composition and idea by Frank van der Kooij. This bands sounds like the Hugh Hopper Band in which Frank van der Kooij played for many years. Programm – Kepler62. Kepler62 is based on a story written by Frank van der Kooij.

Line up :

Kim Weemhof  – drums, Rembrandt Frerichs – Fender Rhodes, Jasper de Beer – electric bass, Frank van der Kooij – soprano sax

Most of the music is composed by Frank van der Kooij. The way this band plays is inspired by the idea that you can create spheric improvisations based on a story. The program Kepler 62 is a story about four space travellers who discovered a new Exoplanet.
Thereby the context of the improvised music becomes less abstract for the audience and exists in their heads more as a film composition than as abstract jazz.











Recording live in Breda, Bloos 2013 :